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Benefits of Using Magnetic Boxes

Magnet boxes are one of the premium packaging used to store high-value products such as wine, watches perfumes, or cosmetics. Why this type of box is popular and how to choose the right box model for your needs, this article will provide you with some basic information before making your decision.

Benefits of using magnetic boxes

1. It is durable and easy to use

The paper used to produce the magnetic box has a basic weight of 800gsm – 1600gsm, paired with a sturdy cardboard frame. Therefore, this box model has the ability to protect the product well.

The magnet acts as a bond that holds the box and the lid together for easy and safe opening and closing. In addition, the box is less affected by opening and closing, limiting the deformation and tearing of the paper, which will make the box more durable. The high durability helps customers to keep their products well for a long time and limits the risk during transportation.

Magnet Gift Box

2. Magnet boxes increase product value

The stiff chipboard cover creates a solid backbone for the box. The layer of printed paper on the cardboard is like a beautiful shirt that makes the box more beautiful and eye-catching. And the magnets are an important part of connecting the lid to the box, creating a convenient and unique way to open and close the box.

The exquisite and beautiful design of this box attracts people’s attention and leaves a deep impression on customers. You can feel the value of the gift inside the box. Therefore, magnetic cartons are always the first choice for high-end gifts or products.


3. Promote good brand promotion

Magnetic paper boxes usually use high-grade paper, such as Kuche, ivory, and fine art paper, to obtain high image quality. In addition, this type of box often incorporates surface treatment techniques such as logo stamping; UV coating, varnish with special texture …… that help increase the aesthetic appeal of the product.

In addition, due to its durability and aesthetic appeal, this type of gift magnetic box is often reused by users for many other different occasions.

Magnet Boxes

4. Wide range of applications

This magnetic box has a book-like design that can be easily opened and closed to see all the products inside. This type of box is quite simple and compact and is one of the most popular styles of magnetic boxes today.

In addition, you can change it with a triangular baffle to give the box a more elegant and gentle style. Adding a foam tray or an inner paper tray helps to hold the product in place and adds harmony to the whole box.

Metallic effect (metallic gold or silver ……) The perfect choice for a premium magnet box for wine, watches, or jewelry …….

Instead of making a tray to hold the products inside, you can totally use shredded paper like this magnet box below. This type of box becomes special with the addition of bag straps for easy shipping and cost savings (no need for paper bags).

Premium Gift Box Packaging Ideas

If you need a little bright color, then you shouldn’t miss the ribbon bow. Such a rather simple accessory will make the magnet box more interesting, attractive and premium.

If you want your customers to be able to see the products inside, making a window in the lid is a reasonable option, which will also add reliability and make the box more appealing.

Packaging design is a never-ending world of creativity. Contact us for quality rigid box packaging solutions, magnet boxes, and gift boxes.

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