Product Description

Our luxury chocolate packaging boxes can stylishly display your truffles, candies and confectionery chocolate packaging boxes are handmade to order using premium materials, custom inserts, branded tissue paper and modern printing techniques to create premium multi-layer combination chocolate candy packaging boxes, which are available in any size and color. They are available in any size and color and in a variety of high-end finishes to make your confections stand out。

luxury chocolate packaging boxes is special for luxury chocolates, such as traditional handmade chocolates, truffle chocolates, unique testing chocolate, etc. It is a good way to show chocolate when turn on the box, full of a sense of ritual.

  • They could hold different failovers, also could hold surprise gifts in one layer.
  • They could be two layers, three layers, four layers, or more as you wish.
  • They could not only be square but also be available for hexagon, round, even heart shape.
  • We could make many kinds of layers box.

luxury chocolate packaging boxes are rigid gift box and classical packaging for chocolates. Multi-layer combination chocolate gift boxes are also one of the most popular chocolate box styles.

From 8pcs ,12pcs ,16pcs,18pcs,24pcs, 30pcs, 48pcs ,which is the standard size for chocolate. You could customize box sizes for your special chocolate products, macarons, etc.  

Product Features

  • Box use 1.0-2.0 mm(700-1300gsm) thickness paperboard and alternative art paper material.
  • We can add a clear window to the box upon your request.
  • We can provide the gold paper or PET plastic tray, custom print paper insert, shredded paper, paper cushion pad, and wrapping paper.
  • Packaging can meet food contact standards upon your request.
  • Box cover can use paper, glitter film, fabric, leather, etc.
  • We can print your logo&design on the box cover, bottom, and sidewall. Printing styles, spot UV, hot foil stamping, emboss, etc.
  • Lamination styles. Matt lamination, glossy lamination, anti-scratch lamination, soft-touching, etc.
  • Boxes are available to tie with ribbon, bowknot, flower, diamond, etc.
  • Box size customization from 80(L)*80(W)*50(H) to 300(L)*300(W)*200(H).

Wholesale and Customized Luxury Chocolate Packaging Boxes

Wholesale customized luxury chocolate packaging boxes, Geoto relies on advanced and bold design and high quality to provide customers with luxury chocolate packaging boxes, including luxury round chocolate boxes, folding chocolate boxes, heart-shaped chocolate gift boxes, transparent horse heart-shaped boxes, magnetic chocolate boxes and various shapes of chocolate boxes. With a strong design and development team, we are committed to creating the most luxurious and creative chocolate packaging boxes, and have been awarded several patents. Over the years, we have become a professional developer and manufacturer of custom chocolate boxes worldwide, welcome to contact us for custom chocolate boxes.

Ideal product packaging and gift wrap designs in one box option!

If you want to showcase your branded chocolates in a stunning packaging design, these luxury chocolate boxes with lid design are ideal for you. If you want your product to exude a luxury chocolate feel, these luxury chocolate boxes with lids are perfect for you!

Want your chocolates ready and prepared as the ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries or bridal gift giving events? Then these chocolate gift boxes with lids are your ideal one-stop solution! The perfect packaging and gift wrapping solution all in one!

Add glamour with custom design options

Do you want to give your chocolate boxes, especially the lids, a luxurious and sophisticated look? Do you want your box packaging to highlight the fine quality of your chocolates and make them stand out in the market? Then these chocolate boxes with lids are the ideal choice.

You can choose any size dimensions and try various color and box style options to get the elegant quality look you want for your chocolates. Choose between embossed and perforated designs, and select window repair options to give it a unique, stylish look! Explore!

Beautifully designed durable boxes
These boxes look very sophisticated and attractive, but they are durable and perfect for storing chocolates to promote to your customers. With the chocolates intact and intact, you can give them as gifts, tie a bow on top, or store them on store shelves to attract customers’ attention.

If you want stylish chocolate boxes, then Geoto can offer many durable design options. Explore the options and choose an affordable durable box to suit your needs!

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